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Guide to fees

At Northfield Dental Practice our patients can pay for their dentistry in several ways ways.


1/  Pay as they go fee per item of treatment as detailed in the price list below.


2/  Register for our practice Denplan essentials plan.  


3/ Register for our Practice Denplan Care plan.


Further details are given below

1) Fee per item treatment charges

Northfield Dental Practice is an independant private dental practice.  Our current price list can be found below.

Treatment Fee
New Patient Examination (including all necessary radiographs) 75
Routine Examination 42
Consultation 42
Childrens examination (under 16) 10
Emergency appointment 100
Radiography (x-rays)  
Single Radiograph 15

Periodontal Care

Scale and polish from 60
Extensive periodontal treatment/root surface debridement from 75
Periodontal surgery from 185
Tooth Whitening  
Night bleaching - Polanight 270
Day Bleaching - Poladay 270
In Surgery whitening (single visit) 390
White Fillings 80-180
Silver fillings 50-140
Protective Fissure sealant 30
Temporary treatment/dressings from 45
Root canal treatments  

Price may vary based on number of roots/canals and complexity and includes all required radiographs and single use instruments/files


Front Tooth (Incisor/Canine/Premolar)

Back tooth (Molar) 450

Crowns and Bridges


Tooth coloured crown - Emax/Zirconia

from 500

High gold 60%+ crown

from 750

Ceramic Veneer

Cast gold posts and cores 150
Preformed titanium or Fibre posts 50

Invisalign clear braces

Consultation/quote Free
Full treatment, upper and lower arch including 3 sets of retainers (6) 2750
Orthodontic retainers each 66
Surgery and Extractions  
Normal extraction 90
Surgical extraction 185
Apicectomy (Surgical root canal treatment) 185
Other minor oral surgery from 180
Acrylic denture partial/complete 450
Flexible partial denture 500
Metal based (cobalt/chrome) denture 750

Denture repairs

from 50

Denture relines or additions

Miscellaneous treatments  
Custom Dual laminate sports mouthguards from 80
Anti-snoring and Sleep Apnoea prevention devices from 300


Additional treatments at hourly rate


Repeated missed appointments without prior notice may be charged  
Full payment will be required at the time of treatment unless prior arrangments have been made  

Practice plan options

2) Denplan Essentials - the basics

This plan spreads the cost of routine examinations, hygiene treatments and any necessary radiographs into one regular monthly fee and also gives subscribers a 20% discount on all the other treatment fees above.  The plan includes worldwide emergency dental cover.


The table below shows the options available to patients with denplan essentials. Choose the category thats right for you and off you go, Registration forms are available at our reception along with more details of the plan, or visit the Simplyhealth professionals - Denplan website.


You can even register online here.


Category  A B C D
Monthly cost 9.30 12.80 18.60


Exams per year 1 2 2 2

Hygiene treatments per year

1 1 2 4
X-rays 2 2 2 2

3) Denplan Care - all inclusive

The Denplan Care plan includes all routine examinations, radiographs and hygiene treatments AND covers the cost of any treatment required.

This plan also includes worldwide emergency dental insurance cover.


Standard Denplan Exclusions - Elective cosmetic treatment, Dental implants and the laboratory fees for crowns, bridges or dentures - these are charged seperately


Patients keen to register with Denplan care undergo an assessment of their mouth at their first examination. Depending on their dental history and current oral health, each patient is placed in a band with the monthly fees as shown below.  For more information please see the denplan website or speak to a member of our team.

Denplan Care fees 2018

Denplan Band   A B C D E
Monthly fee    16.00     28.00      35.00     45.00       51.00  


We accept payment by cash, Debit or Credit cards.


Denplan fees are paid to Denplan via Direct Debit

Any further questions?

Call us on 01425 480032 01425 480032 or contact us directly using the contact form.

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